Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Older Slackware versions (V)

Well, I finally managed to get a higher resolution in VMware, at least with Slackware 4.0
I discovered that VMware-server 1.0.7 still includes the drivers for XFree86 3.* & 4.*

In XFree86 3.* there is a separate "server" for each type of interface: one for monochrome cards (who remembers Hercules?), one for simple VGA, one for SVGA, etc...
And VMware supplies a "server" for virtual machines!

I tried the XF86_VMware server on Slackware 4.0, together with the sample XF86Config file.
I just had to change the configuration for the gpm-repeater mouse, include the 800x600 and 1024x768 resolutions and it worked fine in a couple of minutes!

Here is a screenshot of the result, in 1024x768:

As you can see, Netscape now works fine, at least with the not-so-sofisticated sites.
I tried to open linuxquestions.org, but had no success. Simply too many java scripts for good old Netscape 4.51

For now, this VMware driver is just working in Slackware 4.0 No luck so far in Slackware 3.5, although it uses Xfree86 3.* as well.

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