Sunday, September 28, 2008

Wonders of the internet

The internet is an amazing thing. Sometimes we forget too fast how things used to be before the internet. Yeah, I know, I'm getting old... I started working with computers when there was no such thing as the internet.

Today I was 'Googling' and by coincidence found a page talking about some software I wrote several years ago. It's a simple Hex-editor for Windows written in C, based on much older versions, dating back from the days of CP/M. If you have no idea what CP/M is, you're probably a bit younger than I am ;-)

This version I found today on the internet dates from 2003 / 2004. I published it at the time for free download (I always believed in free software) on my website. I never promoted it too much, but some people managed to find it and at the time I received quite some feedback.

After finding that page, I did a Google search on this Hex Editor and found pages from all over the world mentioning my software :-) Never had any idea my little program has been used in places like Poland, China, etc...

That's the internet: no more distances and complete anonymity.

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