Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Older Slackware versions (IV)

Working with fvwm2 wasn't too much fun... So I started looking for and old Slackware version that had KDE.
I found out that my oldest CD with KDE was Slackware 4.0:

As it says on the cover, it comes with KDE 1.1, so this was my new project.
According to the cover from the original 4-disc box, we're talking June 1999 now.
This is when Tux started smoking a pipe (he was not smoking on the previous Slackware boxes I have). I also have the impression he gained some weight since the previous version.
Well, I guess this is when Tux became a real Slacker...

Installing it, after my experiences with 3.5 & 1.1.2, was simple and fast.
I configured XF86Config in /etc, as in 3.5, and fired up X. The result is here:

Slackware 4.0 was the version I used most. The previous versions were interesting experiences and taught me a lot, struggling to find out how to configure things, etc. After 3.1, 3.4, 3.5 and 3.6 this was the first version I really enjoyed as an operating system, not as some kind of a science project. This is where I started feeling that I was "in control".
I still have 4.0 running on a 486 notebook, after all those years...

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